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About Laneway - Laneway Auto Loans & Sales

Welcome to Laneway Auto Loans & Sales

We are not another huge, faceless dealership. We are a small team who cares about our place in the community. Each customer’s story is unique. We want your story to be a success.

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Meet Garett Lane, Owner - Laneway Auto

Garett’s automotive story started over 20 years ago. His passion for motorcycles and everything automotive earned him a reputation for being the best at finding and sourcing amazing vehicles among his friends and family.

He soon developed a passion for helping people find the best deal they could and decided to start Laneway Auto in 2008.

Within a few years he built the Laneway Auto Sales lot in Sackville, Nova Scotia and quickly became one of the most trusted and well know niche auto finance experts in Atlantic Canada.

Garett continues to keep his team small, and his company focused on long-term relationships that matter.

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A Small Team With Big Hearth

Even if you’ve never had a loan, even if you’re dealing with bankruptcy, even if you’re credit or payment history isn’t perfect, we want you to know that we can help.

Here at Laneway Auto Loans & Sales Sackville, we strive to give our customers the best service in Nova Scotia car loans & vehicle sales.

We are here to help out customers get the best financing rate on a previously-owned vehicle, and drive away with the vehicle they need at a price they can afford. We fight to get the best interest rate for our customers and we work with lenders that increase the chances of an approval. You won’t find a better deal in the Maritimes!

We know what’s good for our customers is good for us, and we will fight for you, get you a deal through the best lender, and deliver a vehicle that fits your needs and has been through a thorough reconditioning process. Get Approved Today!

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Why go with Laneway Auto Loans?

More than just a small team that cares, and decades of experience getting people just like you into vehicles, Laneway has so many other reasons to make us your one stop shop for everything automotive:

  • A huge on site inventory with access to 10,000+ vehicles more.
  • Don‘t worry about your credit... we’ve can approve any credit level.
  • No money down? $0 Down vehicle options are available.
  • Some Cash Back options are avialable with your vehicle.
  • We’ll give you $200 if you refer someone to us!
  • Delivered directly to your door, anywhere in Atlantic Canada!
  • You can get into a vehicle quickly! Often less than 24 hours!

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