Brimming with character, the Kia Soul is a multipurpose compact that’s close to a subcompact crossover (but lacks an all-wheel-drive). But with its towering height, it’s not quite a hatchback either.  This kinda-sorta SUV heads up a segment that blends the practicality and convenience of a compact car, with the cargo capacity of an SUV. Thanks to its reputation for reliability, vehicle financing from Laneway Auto is a simple process for a Kia Soul.

Who Buys a Kia Soul?

More than half Kia Soul owners are women, averaging out at 16 years of age, and with lower median household incomes of around $60,000. Two other striking characteristics are that solar owners want a vehicle with responsive handling and powerful acceleration, while also admitting that they like a vehicle that stands out from the crowd.  Their favourite things about this snappy drive are its quirky exterior styling, tasteful interior design, smooth driving dynamics, comfortable seats, and generous storage space. On the more practical side, drivers on tight budgets appreciate its durability: with dealership services and regular oil changes, a Kia Soul engine can last for at least ten years, or over 200,000 kilometres. 

Significantly cheaper to maintain than most other vehicles, the 2018 Kia Soul averages out at well under $500 a year in upkeep. This offers significant savings, compared to average annual vehicle maintenance costs of close to $ 700.

Easy and Safe to Drive

Undoubtedly one of the more recognisable vehicles on Canada’s roads, the cartoonishly boxy Kia is just as easy to manoeuvre through busy city streets as a mid-size sedan. However, with 17 centimetres of ground clearance, it’s far better equipped for Canada’s snowy, muddy winters than the average sedan.

With an inviting starter price of well under $20,000, the 2018 Kia Soul features a classier interior than its price might indicate. Its cabin is upholstered with attractively soft-touch materials and sturdy plastics, endowing it with a surprising air of refinement.

Riding in Comfort

For drivers, a centre console armrest reduces fatigue, with plenty of foot room for everyone. Simple but functional, the climate control system is adjusted by a single knob, with a clean air ionizer that keeps the cabin smelling fresh and sweet. That chunky contour can pack in a lot more goodies than might seem possible, for such a small vehicle. The cabin includes a big glovebox, useful little trays and bins around the transmission shifter, and generous door panel bins for storing larger items. Behind the rear seats is an 18.8 cubic foot trunk with a compartmentalized trade tucked under the cargo for keeping your stuff organised. For space, take it out and remove the cargo floor, to access a full 24.2 cubic feet of storage area.

When you need maximum stowage, the rear seats fold down, opening up a huge 61.3 cubic feet, without the underfloor tray. This was the Kia Soul out of the subcompact crossover SUV category into the field of larger compacts.

Safety, Visibility, and Reliability

Drivers really appreciate the excellent forward visibility offered by the Kia Soul. Compensating for its chunky rear roof pillars, a standard reversing camera, and large side mirrors, together with a blind-spot warning system with a rear cross-traffic alert.When it comes to protecting its passengers in an accident, this squared-off SUV is just as tough as it looks. With all-round Good ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), it also earned a solid five-star overall rating for crashworthiness from the NHTSA. Ranking third out of a field of seven subcompact SUVs, the Kia Soul Reliability Rating is an impressive 4.5 out of five. This plus factor counts in its favour, when consumers apply for auto loans

Under typical Canadian winter conditions, it can handle snow quite well, when fitted with the proper tiles. With the weight of the engine over its wheels, its front wheel drive ensures dependable traction, backed by several other safety features that make this funky-clunky crossover a great choice for winter driving.


This funky-clunky crossover is a great choice for winter driving in Atlantic Canada, especially when financed by an auto loan from Laneway Auto Loans.

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